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E-commerce boxes (with lamination)

3 sheet E-commerce boxes E-flute 470gr/m². Choose the size and colour you wish, printable on the inner or outer side. The ideal packaging for online sales or gift boxes

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Eco-Friendly packaging

E-commerce boxes can be used as gift and postal/mailing boxes without the need for separate packaging, helping to reduce costs and the use of materials. Combine e-commerce boxes with a personalized packaging tape, stickers or tissue paper print your logo and give your product the luxury that deserves. 100% recyclable, are the ideal alternative and economical solution for eco-friendly packaging. E-commerce boxes are delivered in sheets, for easy transport and storage and can be easily converted into a box. Using a variety of print finishes, e-commerce boxes can be printed both internally and externally to include operating instructions, product information, or your brand name.


Print your logo, an image or the text you want, without color restrictions! Printing quality significantly affects the presentation and overall appearance of the packaging of your products. Choose between of matte or glossy lamination add quality and luxury to e-commerce boxes.

Internal printing

High quality internal printing is the right choice if you wish to impress your customers. Receiving an unprinted white or brown box, customers will be impressed when while open it they face inside a special print. This way you offering an unforgettable Unboxing experience and make your brand stand out.