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Make the transition to forest-friendly packaging with Cartabianca
Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, CARTABIANCA has been certified according to FSC Chain of custody standard (FSC C172223) and may offer ecological solutions on customers request with products made of material from well-managed, FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources.

FSC certification

FSC certification has been established by the non-profit organization Forest Stewardship Council which in collaboration with environmentalists, economists and sociologists promotes the sustainable management of the world's forests.
The vision of the organization is the utilization of the forests with respect to the environmental, economic and social rights of each generation.

Why to use FSC certification?

FSC certification is used in millions of products worldwide and ensures that all forest based raw materials have been used, are come from controlled resources and responsibly managed forests, in such a way as to promote biodiversity and benefits the lives of populations.

It is the most well-known and globally recognized certification that ensures that forests are treated with the appropriate methods without enhancing unnecessary environmental exploitation. ​

Every eco-conscious company should use FSC certified products as it supports protection of endangered plant and tree species, preservation of the biodiversity of forests and helps to improve the working conditions for people.

Through certification, the environmentally conscious consumer is able to know the origin of each product and to be sure that he buys products that come from legal and controlled sources.


Can any company get
FSC certification?

Companies and organizations, regardless of their size, can get an FSC certification, first the Forest Stewardship Council and FSC certification bodies ensure that they obeying the requirements. Before to be FSC certified each enterprise undergo evaluation if it complies with FSC standard requirements.
Certified companies, place on their products FSC trademarks, indicating that material origin may be from well managed FSC certified forests, recycled materials and other controlled sources.
There are three different FSC labels: FSC 100% label, FSC Recycled label and FSC Mix label. Whichever of the three labels you see on a product you can be sure that the specific products are certified according to FSC standards in support of supporting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Are the
FSC products more expensive?

To be able to answer if certified products are more expensive, we refer to the Forest Stewardship Council which states that FSC provides added value and not additional costs. When there is a price difference is often marginal.
Higher prices for FSC products are usually the result of competition with forestry companies undertaking illegal activities.
FSC brings many benefits to certified companies, such as cost reduction and increased profits. ​