1. Shipping

  • Shipping

Deliveries within the EU are made by DHL shipping.

  • What are the delivery options?

While placing your order you can choose delivery to an address throughout Europe. You can pick up from our headquarters, free of charge, or it can be delivered to you with the cooperating transport network. Shipping costs are reported during the registration process of your order.

  • Shipping costs
    Provided that you have chosen delivery at your headquarters, the shipping cost is calculated before the completion of the order. Shipping costs are calculated based on the delivery location. Please note that there is no shipping charge if you pick up from our headquarters by your own means of transport.
  • When will I receive my order?
    The estimated shipping time is listed on the product page during the ordering process. Note that the execution of the order starts when the payment is completed and there is a written confirmation of the design.
  • The shipping address is different than billing address.
    It is not a problem if the shipping address is in the same country as the billing address.
  • Why did the carrier refuse to deliver my boxes within my business?

Carriers are not obligeded to carry over the parcels to a specific room indicated by the recipient, they are obligeded to deliver them at the entrance of your business.


2. Members

Why create an account?

  • To be able to repeat your order at the touch of a button.
  • You will have access to all online orders you have made in our online store.
  • You receive a newsletter (if you agree and wish to be informed about our new products).
  • You will be able to view your cart from any computer that has internet access just by logging in to the membership area


3. Order 

  • How do I place an order?

The order is completed in 3 steps.

1st step you choose the materials, colors and quantity of product.

2nd step you place your order.

3rd step with the completion and payment of your order, our designers contact you for the design and confirmation of the model.

  • How will I know if my order has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation email with the purchase summary as well your order number. In case you do not receive the confirmation email, most likely:

    • The order has not been completed
    • False e-mail address has been entered
    • The email has been marked as spam
  • How do I control the progress of my order?

At any time, you can check progress of your order. Contact us by phone, or via email by filling out the contact form

  • Can I cancel my order?
    You can cancel your order before payment. Cancellation option, after the payment, the is not available.
  • Can I return the order?
    Your order can be returned, only after it is found to be defective. In any case you should first contact our company. You can read the terms of use for any further clarification.
  • Can I change the ordered quantity?
    Once you procced with the payment, you cannot change the quantity. If you wish you can place an additional order.
  • Can I change the design after I have placed the order?
    You cannot change the design after it is confirmed.
  • Tracking my order 
    When your order is ready, you will receive an email or SMS notification about the shipment.
  • Can I repeat an order?
    Of course! Once you have an account, all your orders are saved for 18 months. You can choose which one you want to repeat it.


4. Complaints

  • How can I submit a complain?
    You can contact us via the "send message" form. Use it to inform us of any problems with our products or services within 3 days from the day of delivery.
  • How do I submit a complain?
    • Describe the issues related to your complaint. Try to give us as much detail as possible - it will help us speed up the process.
    • we will process your complaint within 7 days. Then our team will contact you.
    • All complaints handled personally.


5. Glossary

  • Hotprinting

Hotprinting is a method of embossing in which pre-dried ink or very thin foil is transferred to a surface at high temperatures.

  • Flexography

Flexography is a modern version of embossing. This traditional printing method can be used on almost any type of substrate. The flexographic printing process uses semi-liquid quick-drying inks.

  • Silkscreen printing

The basic printing process is the coating of the ink through a printing plate on paper with the help of a blade.

  • Matte or glossy lamination?

Lamination is the coating of a printed surface with a transparent plastic film that can be glossy or matte. Lamination is applied to coated papers. Not suitable all types of papers.

  • Embossed

It is the processing in which an embossed pattern of your choice is created on the entire surface of the paper.

  • Embossed Logo

Ink-free technique, in which two molds are used to apply pressure to the paper and create a sense of 3D design.

  • Holes for ribbon

There is the possibility of a round or oval hole between the handles with a dimension of choice useful for placing a ribbon for gift wrapping.


6. Products, Printing and Materials

  • Variations of materials

There are no variations on the materials. We use the same high quality in raw materials to ensure product standards.

  • Prints

Prints are based on the pantone catalog for papers, where there may be a deviation of 15-20% when printing.

  • Colour Material

All materials are based on the Hex Code. As stated on the product page under each material

7. Payment - Invoices 

  • Payment Methods

We offer debit / credit card payment, PayPal and bank transfer. The order is activated as soon as the payment is completed. It usually takes 1 business day. Please note that all costs associated with an international bank transfer, including the costs charged to the recipient, must be borne by the Buyer. Otherwise, payment of the order will not be deemed to have been paid in full, which may result in a production delay.

  • Can I pay for my parcel upon delivery?

Production process starts as soon as we receive the payment. Therefore, the "payment upon delivery" option is not available.


10. Help 

  • The contents of the Frequently Asked Questions were not enough for you? Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or clarification you need.