Our company

Cartabianca was established in 1992. As pioneers in Greece with extensive experience in packaging and unboxing, we offer solutions to improve your business image and products. At Cartabianca we believe that the combination of high-quality materials and expertise is the best way to make your business packaging stand out. That is why we continue to invest in high quality raw materials that meet the required specifications, technological equipment and highly qualified personnel. Our team is well skilled in packaging and its production process and is always at your disposal to advise you and help you take your business status to the next level!

Packaging is the key element in building a relationship between your brand and the end consumer, even long after the purchase. Successful packaging in terms of fit, durability and reusability remains in the consumer's work or home environment and represents an important memory for them. Moreover, effective packaging helps your brand stand out from the competition and offers a unique opportunity to influence your company's overall customer experience in terms of both B2B and B2C marketing.

At Cartabianca we are at your disposal with our many years of experience and continuous development and implementation of ideas to promote your business image and products!