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Plastic bag with Die cut handle with patch without gussets

Plastic bag made of LDPE or HDPE 50-60 my material with die cut handle and internal patch for more durability. Ability to choose the color of the material of your choice, printing up to 3 colors.

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Economical solution

Plastic bags with a die cut handle are widely used by companies as an economical solution for the safe transport of their products. Plastic bags are reusable and are a cost-effective advertisement for your store or your products. Excellent quality and usability are the factors that make plastic bags with diecut handle as the most functional and convenient packaging option for businesses and consumers. Plastic bags with diecut handle are made of high density (HDPE) or low density (LDPE) plastic films. Ideal for storing and transporting small and large items. Printed in the color you want, in a wide variety of styles and sizes.


Personalize your plastic bag with die cut handle with your logo, brand or design you wish with the stunning high-quality flexographic printing with one or more Pantone colors or with a full color print-out material.


Choose plastic bags with a die cut handle. Their fine finish, low price and premium quality are features that make these bags ideal for creating readability. Popular for jewelry, clothes and small gifts. The patches placed inside the handles improve the overall strength of the bag.